Zéro Festival 15 & 16 december in de Meervaart

Op 15 en 16 december organiseren Jakop Ahlbom Company, Schweigman& en Golden Palace  de eerste editie van het Zéro Mime & Performance Festival!


Zéro – mime & performance festival is a two-day festival that offers a wide range of physical and visual performances. Zéro brings together beautiful, exciting, interesting, trailblazing, poetic and unique mime and performance art at Theater De Meervaart. In the Zéro programme you’ll find not only Knock-Out from Jakop Ahlbom Company & ISH Dance Collective, but also the award-winning Erosion from Dutch mime duo ROTOR, recent work by young mime makers and performers, workshops and courses in watching mime. In addition, there’s a series of ongoing installations.
Zéro celebrates mime in all its physical, associative and poetic power. A world that will amaze and move you!

Op de hoogte blijven van Golden Palace?