About Golden Palace


Golden Palace occupies a special place within the Dutch theatre landscape. The group is renowned for it’s distictive performing style: a strong mix of physical acting, singing and live music.

The theatre of Golden Palace is lightly surreal: the ‘daily experience’ can subtly shift into the realms of a magical reality. Performances of Golden Palace are devised through improvisation and deal with the tragi-comic human struggle to make sense out of the contradictions of everyday existence. Absurd, hilarious and heartbreaking are words often used by reviewers to describe the work of Golden Palace.
Since 2001 Golden Palace has been structurally funded by the Dutch Ministry of Culture.


Golden Palace`s artistic director Ingrid Kuijpers (Eindhoven, 1958) studied at the Theatre School in Arnhem in the Netherlands. After many years of acting in self-devised theatre performances, she decided to concentrate her talents in directing. In 1997, with the project Golden Palace, Kuijpers began developing both a theatrical form and a group of collaborators which would later become the company Golden Palace.

Op de hoogte blijven van Golden Palace?